All 27 E.U. countries plus Norway and Switzerland
(not the UK due to Brexit)

For each item, we wil need to find and include the Harmonized Code to properly classify each item in the shipment. This will help ensure the proper duties and taxes are assigned to each shipment, and will help expedite customs clearance for these packages. This regulation applies to all carriers and all shippers.
And it would not surprise us to see this requirement be rolled out to more countries in the foreseeable future.

We ask each customer with a package to these countries to bring with them an accurate list of items in the package; we must provide a detailed description for each item – words like “clothing”, “electronics” “personal effects” or “gift” just won’t cut it.

If we can’t itemize properly, your recipient (and possibly you, the shipper) are liable to pay higher duties and taxes on the shipment, as well as significantly slow down the customs clearance process and delay delivery.
For example, a cotton t-shirt will have a different code than a silk designer shirt. We understand that this can be a somewhat tedious practice, but it has to be done. We have access to the database of codes and will do our best to properly describe each item with you.

Countries Requiring Harmonized Codes (E.U., Norway, and Switzerland)

Austria Germany Norway
Belgium Greece Poland
Bulgaria Hungary Portugal
Croatia Ireland Romania
Cyprus Italy Slovakia
Czech Republic Latvia Slovenia
Denmark Lithuania Spain
Estonia Luxembourg Sweden
Finland Malta Switzerland
France Netherlands

E.U.’s VAT & Duties

If you’re a seller of products, shipping items to the E.U., Norway and Switzerland, please be advised that you are fully responsible for paying any VAT and/or Duties to the proper authorities to the countries you’re shipping to.